Olympia at Willowick

Inspired, multi-dimensional, a City Sanctuary.

Slipping into a space that is comfortable with glamourous soft detail while focusing on nature’s forms in texture and design. 

Iconic and Prismatic Glass walls separating yet thoughtfully engaging each Amenity space. 

The connectedness that enhances the direction the resident follows yet suggested paths that lead one to the beautifully placed radius wall leading to the exterior Central Park. 

Intimate details such as the Pause Bench of Solid maple do well with trio placement of Curated Chandelier’s from Italy.   The Stainless Steel shelving at lobby offer a novel take on the custom wall paneling

Fabrication of magnanimous proportion shown on the Radius Custom Fabricated Steel and Glass Walls.

This room’s capacity with multi-layered expansive details in the custom lighting with further emphasis on the inset custom rugs with a clever configuration racing through this radius shaped room.

The sparkle of the lighting is second only to the commissioned Artwork with a sumptuous reflection of modern taste.   

Defining this soothing air in soft neutral shades, right down to the silver grey finish as seen in the Social areas on the handsome paneling and distinctive Conference table is challenged none other than the classic seating with strong architectural presence.  

A sophisticated contrast of colors and natural textures takes this Amenity space experience to a new level.