Interior Innovation in Nashville’s Trendy Gulch District

Icon-In-The-Gulch-041(Nashville, TN) – Dallas-based design firm Moore Design Group is creating leading-edge interiors for the Icon in the Gulch, the stunning 22-story mixed use development under construction in Nashville’s Gulch, the former railyard and warehouse district being transformed into a hip new urban neighborhood.

Although not scheduled for completion until late 2007, Icon has realized unprecedented success.  Unparalleled in the history of Nashville real estate, all 217 initial release units sold in less than 48 hours, representing over $67 million in real estate sales.
Originality has marked the marvel at the Icon.  The condominium and retail project’s success has received much press and rave reviews with specific industry applause for Moore Design Group’s innovative sales center that features a ground-breaking, full-scale model condominium.

“Moore Design Group set the tone of the project with their concept of the sales office,” said Dan Daniel, principal of project developer Bristol Development Group.  “Stephanie Moore and her team created an environment that evokes urban sophistication with a comfortable feel, reflecting the nature of the project we are building.”

“Moore Design provided prospective buyers with a complete sense of what it would be to live in the Icon in the Gulch,” Daniel added.  “People walked in and immediately could feel like they were ‘home’,” including the illusion of a downtown Nashville high-rise view from the model’s balcony.

“We are creating a design that reflects the Nashville ‘edge,’” said Stephanie Moore, principal of Dallas-based Moore Design Group.  “We had the opportunity to redefine how people are going to live, a concept that resonated with the entire development team,” she added.

The high-rise and mid-rise project interiors being created by Moore Design Group include an open floor plan, ascending and dropped ceilings, free-standing walls and the latest in entertainment technology.

Residents and their guests will know they are entering a special place when they step into the soaring lobby in the 22-story tower.  “Upon entering the lobby, one will immediately be inspired by the sheer space of the environment,” said Moore.  “We are planning a ‘soft industrial’ interior architecture design throughout, which will reflect the warehouses and materials of the Gulch’s unique history,” she added.

“In today’s competitive marketplace, differentiation is key to attracting the consumer’s attention and winning their business,” states Moore.  “With the Icon, we were able to focus on a sophisticated expression of the prospective residents’ identity by creating a sense of distinction, not just a spatial design.”

“Moore’s entire team brought design solutions that were focused, bringing together function and drama with memorable style,” said Daniel.

Prices for the initial release range from $175,000 to $850,000.  Mid-rise prices are under $300,000.