AUGUST 2013, DALLAS- Moore Design Group’s award-winning creations embody the concept that design is not just a job or a project; it is a lifestyle. Stephanie Moore Hager, owner and principle of Moore Design Group met Scott Everett, president of mortgage giant Supreme Lending just three years ago and life, as they say, has never been the same. Each is the hallmark of entrepreneurial success in their industry; Moore as one of the nation’s leading interior designers and Everett as president and founder of one of the top 100 mortgage companies in the U.S.

Everett presented MDG their first design challenge when he engaged them to revitalize his corporate headquarters in Addison, Texas. The challenge came in the form of a 40,000-sf office space in a building that had been vacant for two years.

“I knew that in order to properly brand Supreme Lending, we needed a ‘special’ look and feel that was dramatically different from any other mortgage company,” Everett said. “We interviewed Stephanie and her magnanimous personality and flare for a dramatic presence were exactly what we wanted.”

Understanding the client’s taste, MDG discussed the essence of color and streamlined the atmosphere to be modern, yet warm and inviting. Today visitors are greeted by tasteful and sophisticated décor mirroring the professionalism that reflects why both Stephanie Moore Hager and Scott Everett have risen to the top of their industries.

Challenges number two and three came as Everett engaged MDG to renovate both his 8,000-sf residence in Dallas and his 6,000-sf lake home in Laconia, N.H. “Stephanie resisted, but I was relentless and finally got her to acquiesce, and she did such an amazing job,” Everett said. “I have never had anyone that came into the house and didn’t say it was the nicest house they have ever been in.”

The modern design of Everett’s Dallas home is dramatic and unconventional, featuring artwork, textiles and lighting all custom-designed for the space. Along with Vetro founder David Gappa, Hager co-designed a signature chandelier to be the focal point of the grand entryway. The hand blown glass droplets mimic the serenity of a rain shower and the amber, ruby and sapphire hues add a warm opulence. The décor unfolds in a seamless assemblage, every element bearing an architectural imperative.

In addition to designing a chef’s kitchen, a contemporary home theater, a masculine master retreat and a luxurious and vibrant indoor/outdoor living space, Hager also personalized space for Everett’s daughter creating a pretty, feminine bedroom complete with a pink chandelier and separate play room with a tea table and ballet barre.

“Working with clients who realized that you have listened to them is tantamount to starting a working relationship. Defining the client’s vision sets our projects in motion and allows them to fully understand what their finished project will look like, thus providing trust and peace of mind throughout the process,” Hager said. “Although I spend more of my time on multi-family and commercial development, you rise to the occasion, whether it is a 10-acre multifamily property, a 40,000-sf office or an 8,000-sf home.”

For Everett, who admits that he previously had little interest in the design of an office or home, something happened along the way that transformed his attitude. With a new appreciation and admiration for the level of detail that Hager provided, he again engaged her in another design project, this time his private retreat in New Hampshire.

“After the third project, I noticed that things I once didn’t care about became important – like matching towels in the bathroom, or chair covers that all have a design, or book ends that complement the carpet or the other thousand things I can think of,” Everett said. “What began as a design project literally changed into a lifestyle. She has changed who I am and how I look at the world and to me that is the most powerful statement you could ever make about someone.”

Hager believes that a relationship is successful when there are shared expectations that are fulfilled, and her passion for design continues to inspire her clients and friends. With future expansion imminent, Hager and Everett continue to move in the same direction and work toward the same goals, all the while affording Hager the opportunity to be innovative, creative and masterful at what she loves to do.